Important Information

  •  Boca Lakes requires a fully-completed application from every prospective buyer/renter prior to being approved. 
  • No rental applications accepted unless unit is owned for over 2-year period. 
  • At minimum there is a 30 day application process. 
  • All occupants must be listed on the lease agreement.
  • One occupant must be 55+ or older& must reside in the unit when anyone under 55 is residing in the unit.
  • Please be advised if you are under the age of 55 your application will not be approved.
  • No trucks, motorcycles, or children under 18 years of age.
  • No applicant is allowed more than 2 cars per unit. 
  • Include a copy of drivers license for each person on the lease agreement. 
  • Include a copy of your vehicle registration with the lease agreement.
  • Applicants must pay allotted application fees as they are listed, along with the background screening fee. Please refer to the application fee section for correct fees.
  • Owner is required to have the insurance company fax an insurance certificate. All applications will not be processed unless insurance certificate is faxed and received. 
  •  All maintenance payments must be current, including any unpaid late fees or assessments. Applications will not be processed on any unit that is not current.
  • All original documents must be signed in blue ink at the appropriate places by both parties, and all originals must be submitted to the Boca Lakes Condominium office as a complete packet. Fax copies cannot be accepted, and will delay processing of your application. 
  • All required paperwork must be filled out, and the originals must be submitted to the Boca Lakes Condominium office as a complete packet before a lease renewal & background check will be processed.
  • Mandatory interview is required for all applicants new to the property.  

Application fees, Background Screening Info, & Lease Terms

Application Fees 

Sale Application fee: $100.00.

New Lease Application fee: $100.00

Lease Renewal Application fee: $50.00

Background screening fee is: $20.00/per person, 18+  on NEW leases 

Background screening fee is: $25.00/per person, 18+ for all Sales

Please be advised there is no background screening fee required for lease renewals.

For background screening fee* please make a separate check payable to Boca Lakes Condominium Association. 

Lease terms: 

- No less than 3 months

-No more than 12 months

  • All individuals MUST fill out their OWN background screening form. 
  • A background screening is required for ALL applicant

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